White Dental Fillings in Fremont

dentist_sunolWhite dental fillings have become the mode of choice for treatment of cavities.  They resemble the color and texture of natural teeth and are personalized
to match the color of your teeth.

If having a bright smile, without the unsightly amalgam fillings is important to you, call Dr. Nazareno to schedule an appointment. White dental fillings are routinely
used to replace metal amalgam fillings (mercury fillings) that have become loose or broken.

Composite resin and porcelain fillings are custom-made to fit the tooth and the surrounding teeth – hence the ability to match color to the teeth around it – making the filling look the same as your natural teeth.

If you think you may have a cavity, or perhaps, want to replace metal fillings – either for cosmetic or other reasons,  please call your Fremont dentist, Dr. Nazareno at 510 744 1300 to schedule a visit. We are happy to offer mercury-free fillings to patients from Fremont and the surrounding areas of Hayward, Union City, Newark, Milpitas, Alviso, Sunol, and Palo Alto.