Cosmetic Dentistry

hayward_dentistRightly or wrongly, based on your smile, the world assesses your openness, friendliness, and intelligence. Celebrities, actors, and entertainers understand and value having dazzling white smiles and beautiful teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is a field that combines dental science and the art of aesthetics to achieve beautiful, healthy looking smiles as well as functional bites.

Fremont, California cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Nazareno offers many treatment options that are customized to your goals and personal aesthetic taste. Some of the treatments we offer:
* white fillings
* teeth whitening
* dental veneers
* chipped tooth restoration

Combining extensive experience with latest techniques and dental technologies, Dr. Nazareno can transform your smile.
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Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

Common cosmetic dental problems include discolored teeth, gummy smiles, receding gums, unevenly spaced teeth, chipped teeth or even missing teeth. They not only affect your smile, but can have impact on your self-confidence as well.

Furthermore, many of these issues, if left untreated, can also negatively impact your overall dental health.¬† Missing teeth can cause progressive bone loss and shifting of the surrounding teeth. Cracked or chipped teeth create favorable conditions for rapid tooth decay. These are just a couple of the problems that can be caused by seemingly “cosmetic” issues.

If you have questions about your dental health, or would like to improve your smile, Dr. Nazareno will be happy to discuss you needs and create an individualized treatment plan to achieve results you want.

At the Pacific Dental Spa Fremont, we are proud to provide highly personalized dental care to our patients. Call Dr. Nazareno at 510-744-1300 to schedule your personal consultation. We are proud to serve clients throughout entire East Bay, as our office is centrally located in Fremont, California, and easily accessible from Hayward, Union City, Newark, Milpitas, Alviso, Sunol, and even Palo Alto.