Routine Checkups

palo_alto_dentistRegular checkups are key to good dental health. The old saying – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – certainly applies to the periodontal disease.
Our periodontal assessment program is probably the most important preventive work we do. Early diagnosis of gum disease can mean the difference between saving and losing teeth.
Gum disease can sneak up on anybody. Little changes in gum health can go unnoticed. Swollen gums might not feel sensitive, soreness might not seem like a big deal, bad breath might not be a social problem. But gum disease, though unnoticed, will continue to do its silent damage.
That’s why every dentist recommends routine checkups to catch the gum disease in its early stages. If caught early it can be stopped in its tracks. Combination of teeth cleaning by a hygienist, and flossing and brushing at home can stop the early stages of the gum disease.
Another benefit of routine checkups is early detection of cavities. Depending on your genes, bacteria, and PH balance of your saliva, your teeth may be prone to fast decay. Having regular dental checkups will make it possible to catch the cavities in the early stages – at that point, they are easy to fix, and the damage to the tooth is minimal.
The longer a cavity goes unnoticed, the larger area of the tooth is subject to decay, and will have to be removed before a filling can be applied. Left untreated, cavities can grow to size that will necessitate a crown, or even a root canal treatment. Routine checkups can minimize chances of such extensive decay.
So if you have not been to a dentist recently, give Dr. Nazareno a call at 510-744-1300, and we will schedule an appointment for you. We are conveniently located in Fremont (from I-880 take Mowry Ave. exit), close to Hayward, Union City, Newark, and Milpitas.