Dental Crowns in Fremont

dentistWhen a tooth has a large cavity that threatens its health and structural integrity, your dentist will use a crown to save the tooth.

It is a dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a tooth, thus lending it strength and support. Crowns are usually bonded to the tooth using dental cement. Crowns are custom fabricated, based on the impression of the tooth taken by your dentist. As a result, they not only fit the tooth being treated, but can also be easily adjusted to fit in with your other teeth.

Crowns are typically made of gold or porcelain. These materials have expansion properties and visual appearance that make them preferred for dental crowns.

Crown Procedure

It takes two visits to crown a tooth. During the first visit, your dentist will prepare the tooth, remove decay, and protect the tooth with a temporary, custom made crown.

Second appointment is usually scheduled in a couple of weeks. During those 2 weeks, a lab will fabricate your permanent crown. During the second appointment, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown is cemented, and adjusted to make sure your bite is comfortable.

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