Teeth Cleaning

palo_alto_dentistTeeth cleaning keeps your smile bright, and it has important health benefits as well. During dental cleaning, plaque and tartar deposits are removed. Tartar can take on different color than your tooth, so removing it has aesthetic benefits.
More importantly, removing tartar helps your gums. Tartar provides just the right conditions for bacteria to thrive next to your gums. Removing plaque and tartar leaves your teeth smooth, and your daily brushing becomes more effective in controlling bacterial growth.

Teeth cleaning tools include an ultrasonic instrument that generates tickling vibrations to knock loose pieces of tartar. It also sprays a cooling mist to keep normal tooth temperature and to wash away tartar debris.

Another tool is called a “scaler” – it is used to remove smaller tartar deposits. Using a scaler, tartar is gently scraped away, leaving your teeth smooth. Finally, your teeth are polished using a special gritty toothpaste-like material.

Typically dental cleaning is done without the use of numbing agents, as the procedure is not painful. There are some people though, who are very sensitive. In such case, a topical numbing gel can be used to numb the gums.

If you have not had your teeth cleaned in the last 6 months, call us in Fremont at 510-744-1300 to schedule an appointment. Teeth cleaning along with regular dental checkups are the first line of prevention – and prevention is better (and less painful, and less expensive) than having to do fillings or crowns or root canals.

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