Root Canals

Root canal therapy involves the removal of pulp of the tooth, nerve tissue and some blood vessels. The resulting hollow space is decontaminated, and then filled with an inert filling, so as not to leave hollow spaces.

Root canal therapy pain is usually controllable with over the counter medications. Your Fremont dentist, Dr. Nazareno, can prescribe stronger medication if necessary.

Sometimes, if there is an infection in the area, a course of antibiotics may be prescribed before the root canal procedure.

A tooth that has undergone root canal procedure will be protected by a crown. This usually necessitates second appointment – first one to do the root canal, second one to cement the permanent crown. In between the appointments, the tooth is protected by a temporary crown fitted during the first appointment.

Dr. Nazareno has extensive experience preforming root canal therapy, and is happy to see patients from East Bay and the Peninsula.

So if you have any discomfort please call your Fremont dentist, Dr. Nazareno at 510 744 1300.  If we catch the cavity early, a simple filling may be all it takes to help your tooth. But if the root canal is indicated, you can be confident that you are  in good hands. We offer our services to patients from Fremont, Hayward, Union City, Newark, Milpitas, Alviso, Sunol, and Palo Alto.